Indian summer vegetable – AMARANTH LEAVES

Indian summer vegetable – AMARANTH LEAVES

Amaranth leaves a green leafy vegetable as well as its lovely red version, are typical of summer, and is very much nutritious.

Also Known as chinese spinach, cow pea leaves, Chawli ka Patta, Chawli Bhaji. It is the richest source of Vitamins A, B6, and C. It is also a wonderful cooling vegetable that can really help you fight the hot summer months. It helps cure respiratory disorders and diseases like Malaria.

Drinking fresh juice along with honey can cure you from asthma, and tuberculosis. Just make sure that you wash it properly with plenty of water, before you cook it. Chop and sauté with green chillies and garlic; it tastes delicious with rice or rotis.

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