Childhood obesity, consult a professional

Consult a professional if your child is overweight

Is it right to put your child who may or may not be not ”technically” overweight on a diet! because you think so…example just because his/her tummy isn’t perfectly flat.

If you want to help her/him, build up their self-esteem, let her know how beautiful she is just the way she is. I think giving her healthy choices for her food and encouraging a healthy amount of exercise is fine, but please don’t restrict her healthy fat or calories according to what you think is right! In my opinion, you will do far more damage than good if you encourage her to do this.

Also since many of the clients want fast results they constantly ask me “Can medication help my child lose weight?”

None of the new medicines to treat obesity are approved for children or adolescents to use. They may affect your child’s growth and development, and the risk of dangerous complications is far greater than any benefit they might have.

By far the best approach is helping your whole family—including your child—change their behavior. Obesity is not just your child’s problem. It is a problem that the whole family must be involved in solving. Your child lives within your family environment.

Obesity develops over time and cannot be solved overnight. Remember that this is not an emergency. Do not expect dramatic change.

That is unrealistic.

The best way to have a healthy weight is prevention. Be sure your family has healthy habits from the beginning, and prevent yourself and your children from becoming overweight. It is much easier to maintain a healthy weight than it is to lose weight.

A diet for an overweight or obese kid needs to be planned intelligently wherein his or her growth needs aren’t compromised. Please do not force your diet plans on them.

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