Healthy way to fry this monsoon

Healthy way to Fry this monsoon!

With the onset of rains their comes an irresistible urge for some munchies! however rainy season is the perfect season for fried foods like pakoras and samosas.

Frying is perhaps the most popular, though not the healthiest method of food preparation,  the best take here would be to minimize their intake.

Also remember, these foods are best enjoyed in small quantities and slowly.

Here a few pointers to look at to make this food healthiest:-

Choose Oils with a high smoking point (the temperature at which it starts emitting a blue haze, indicating the formation of decomposition products).Most vegetable cooking oils have adequately high smoking points like groundnut, rice bran, mustard oil.

Pure ghee has an intermediate smoking point and butter, coconut and olive oil have low smoking points.

Foods should be fried at moderate temperatures, if you fry at a very low temperature, the food tends to absorb too much oil, while frying at very high temperatures often leads to browning of the surface but the core might still be raw.

Don’t reheat the oil ideally,cooking oil should be discarded after one use. Heating oils cause undesirable alteration in their chemical composition and trans-fatty acids formation and loss of vitamins. It is better to use the minimum possible quantity of oil for frying to avoid wastage. And it should be heated only when the raw material is ready for cooking.

Drain excess oil: Let fat absorbent paper absorb the excess oil before eating.

Avoid commercially fried food:as one cannot be sure of  the quality of the oil  Instead, explore healthier ways of frying at home.

Baking food also is a good option which minimizes fat intake without compromising on the taste.

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