Panchamruth the health booster

Panchamruth the health booster

Panchamrutham is a divine prasadam made for many pujas or festive occasions. Panch meaning five and amruth meaning a nectar for immorality. It means five amruthams such as cow’s milk, curd/yogurt, honey, ghee, and sugar, mixed together, which are all good for your health!

Panchamruth – five health boosting ingredients:
COW’s MILK rich in calcium, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals is super healthy.
It is from Kamdhenu (the wish-fulfilling heavenly cow).

CURD OR YOGHURT again a dairy product is a good source of calcium, vitamins, protein, magnesium, zinc and potassium and is extremely good for stomach aids digestion. It represents the white, smooth and cool lustre of the moon.

HONEY a natural sweetener rich in antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties too.
Also honey – the extract of all herbs, is the essence of life with herbal healing powers.

SUGAR too much of it can be bad for you, taken in small quantities – sugar – is an excellent energy booster.
Also it is the extract of sugarcane, a representation and the epitome of sweetness

GHEE too much of this again is not good but small amounts is essential, ghee is high in vitamin-A and D.
Ghee is the food of the gods themselves with a long Vedic past.

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