World obesity day 2018

World Obesity Day 2018
This year, the theme of world obesity day focuses on weight stigma.

The main culprit behind this weight and obesity stigma is considered to be the media. “One minute of exposure to an image of a thinner-than-average woman is enough to shift our perceptions of attractiveness to a thinner ideal.”


Let go of the numbers
Even though we like to measure and quantify things, there’s more to health than just digits on the scale. Other things, like stamina and strength, count for a lot.

Talk to Yourself Like You Would a Friend
When it comes to body image, the standards we adopt for ourselves are punishing. You deserve the same respect and compassion as anyone else; treat yourself like it.

Prioritize Your Health, Not Your Weight:
It is prioritizing your health over your weight or your appearance. Your health is so much more than just the food you eat, it is also a lot about what you are thinking.

Do not engage in the body comparison/bashing and diet talk anymore.

Enjoy Your Food!
“The more we enjoy our food, the more efficiently our bodies make use of its nutrients.” Slow down and savor the foods you love.

Give your eyes a visual treat of the real world and not of celebrity.
Look at the people — the real people — around you. Cultivate an appreciation for actual bodies and faces.

If we are to end obesity stigma, it’s important to adjust our language and attitudes, raise awareness and improve our knowledge about its extensive impact.

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