Nutritious snacks for kids


🍊 Cut a papaya into square pcs, chop some dates, sprinkle with peanuts, almonds or cashewnuts. Your nutritious papaya treat is ready.

🥕 Peel and cut some carrots. Put them in your mixer- add honey, sugar, cardamom and nutmeg pd along with milk. A delicious healthy milkshake is ready.

🍚 Whip curds with an egg beater. Pour it in a fancy glass bowl add pomegranate, a dash of salt and pepper and finely chopped capsicum pcs and your curd craze is ready.

🍇 Add dates, a little dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, anjir, kismis and also fruits like pomogranate, grapes to kurmura bhel and make it nutritious and antioxidant rich.

🍎 Pattice of leftover veg.

🍄 Soak mushroom in water, drain n sauté lightly in a non-stick fry pan adding capsicum, carrot, brocooli,green onion salt and pepper

🍉 Soak some rotis in milk for sometime, add jaggery, stir on fire till milk thickens and jaggery melts. Chop and top with sliced almonds.

🍏 On a low fire add some til seeds, jaggery and chopped mixed dry fruits. Roll into small balls when slightly warm, good chocolate substitute is ready.
🍎 Milk substitute – basundi, kheer, milkshakes, custard, pudding, shrikand, fruit yoghurt, cheese, panir, raitas.

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