International Men’s day – Nutriessential for men

International Men’s 👨Day

It’s that time of the year to recognize and honour the contribution and sacrifices they make for their families and societies.

Nutrition is a vital foundation for good health overall and a healthy diet can help to reduce your disease risk.

Did you know men’s nutrition needs change at different times of the lifespan👨‍👨‍👦‍👦?

However here are 4 Must have essential Nutrients 🍅🍎🍊🍄🍆

🍉Fibre:- is good for your heart and digestio, research reveals fiber may help slow the progression of prostate cancer.

🍋Vitamin D -Promotes muscle strength and integrity, also improves testosterone levels.

🧀Protein – building muscles💪 , immunity, regulations of various enzymes and hormones.

🍐Calcium- optimum bone health, also for muscle contraction and nerve function.

Along with this Men’s please take a note📋 of the following
✔️Watch your waist size
✔️Limit alcohol
✔️Reduce smoking
✔️Share your stress
✔️Be physically active

Wishing you a happy and a healthy Men’s👨day
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