Veg soya pulav

Veg soya pulav…..a antioxidant packed one course meal….with goodness of different coloured veges, carbs, proteins from soya chunks and fibre rich.

Here is a quick recipe
🍅Take different veges of your choice ( I had taken Tomato, sweetcorn,capscium, carrot,onion and spring onions) boil soya chunks , squeeze out excess water and keep it a side, boil rice too.

🍄Take a pan or kadai add 1tsp oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, cinnamon, bay leaf, cloves, ginger garlic paste, a few green chillies, salt and fry for a minute, add all the veges, cook for 5- 7mins (don’t overcook, you will like them crunchy. …so chop them accordingly).

🍆Add soya chunks, cook for another 7-10 mins, add red chilli sauce a little add boiled rice, mix well and serve hot.

🍅You can also use pulses like moong, mothbeans, rajmah, cowpea or channa instead is soya.

Remember the quantity of vegetables should be double the quantity of rice you are taking.

Healthy and happy cooking

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