Ghar ka khana (Home cooked) vs easy food delivery options

Where are we heading guys… Home cooking…Ghar ka khana…. is soon going to become a forgotten skill….

Before ordering food from food delivery services… Just give it a thought…. What are we encouraging…. what culture are we getting into, what are they demonstrating -order if hungry, order online if you don’t like a particular vegetable …..the food delivered at your doorstep in just 30mins right.

Instead challenge your skills, search newer faster cooking methods, involve your kids in kitchen early, make them self sufficient….

Let’s work for this before it is too late…. Aisa na ho ki next 10yrs down the lane, people are shocked if they see someone cooking like “Aare isko tho khana banana aata hai”

In India food is attached to many emotions, love let’s join hands to preserve it. …if you need help to know faster cooking methods, meal preparation do connect with us at or call us at 9870404042

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