Culinary uses of raw mango

Culinary uses of raw mango


Include as much raw mango in your diet as you can, be creative…..

Use grated raw mango in salads, poha, upma, pudlas, dosa, bhel, boiled channa chat, chutney.thaiMangoSalad2

Pulped or grated, raw mangoes are added to curries, kadhis and dal. Aam panna is refreshing summer drink made of raw mango juice, can be added to other mocktails.


Can be used to flavour rice like green mango rice can be prepared by grinding raw mango pulp with red and green chillies, ginger, stir frying them in oil with mustard seeds and adding it to rice.


Can be added to dips and sauces too, rajasthanis make a vegetable call launji out of it…which is sweet and sour.

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or just eat it like that with a little salt n chilli pd……yummy isn’t it.

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