Sprouting methi seeds

Sprouting methi seeds

As request by many here is the procedure to sprout methi seed…..

Sprouting the methi seeds is simple. Take half a cup of dry methi/fenugreek seeds. Wash well and soak in water for at least 24 to 36 hours. Drain water completely and transfer the content to a colander. Cover with wet cloth or you can tie them in a thin muslin cloth and hang in the kitchen.

I used a wet kitchen towel. Keep it aside undisturbed. Make sure you keep the cover moist at all times. Within a day or two, you will notice small sprouts shooting out. I left it for two days until the sprouts were 1 cm long.

Remember to wash them and drain water completely daily else they can become slimy and give a foul smell.

Keep the sprouts in a airtight box in the refrigerator,easily stays well for a week.

Half cup of dry methi will yield approximately two cups of sprouted methi.

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