India celebrates National Nutrition Week every year from 1st sept to 7th sept

I have also been celebrating nutriweek  with the sole intention of educating general population about diet, nutrition, lifestyle, clearing myths about the same.

Nutriweek 2014 on Read your labels right

Nutriweek 2014 – Open session on kids health by Dr Devang Shah

Nutriweek 2014 Yoga for healthy living

Nutriweek 2013 – Body composition assessment camp

Nutriweek 2013- Diabetes

Nutriweek 2013 Importance of blood reports

Nutriweek 2013- Kids intelligence

Nutriweek 2013 Healthy cooking

Nutriweek 2013 – Exercise for busy executive

Nutriweek 2013 – Importance of diet

Nutriweek 2012 – Interactive session childhood obesity by Dr Devang Shah

Nutriweek 2012 Healthy cooking

by Pramila Sancheti

<a href=””>Nutriweek 2012 – Exercise by swati vichare

Nutriweek 2012 Diet what it means

By Shilpa Mittal