Ever since I was told to lose weight and control my cholesterol, I had little knowledge how to go about it. Now I had to do dieting, no idea what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Then I met shilpa Mittal and from that day onwards all my worries have disppaear.  She exactly understood my life style, eating habits , likes and dislikes.  She prescribed the diet which was fun to follow and enjoyable. I was very happy and satisfied.  I have lost approx 7 kg of weight and when I look back, it seems so easy. I strongly recommend to visit her at least once for peaceful and healthy life. Thank you.
-Mr Nirav Shah, General Manager Finance
Kuoni Travel ( l ) pvt.  Limited,

Shilpsnutrilife programe has worked very well I lost 1.5kg in 1week and it has boosted my confidence too…
-Deepa Shah

I m a mother of two and my children being  small for me following a diet plan was an impossible thing but  your plan was a perfect merge with my lifestyle  i have been following it for past 4years and now it has become d diet plan of my family  i have been enjoying it  and hope everyone out there follow it and enjoy it.

In today’s fast, competitive, polluted, food adultrated world we specially women who balance their career and family neglect our diet which affects health leading to problems at a very young age. We thought to get tips on diet and nutrition from a qualified and experienced dietician so we invited Ms Shilpa Mittal in our office. The way she presented the facts and figures about right and wrong diet that we working women take amazingly opened our eyes. We found the small tips, tricks and recipes shared by her could help us in taking care of ourselves, children and other family members. Diet to be taken by pregnant women, feeding mothers and children as well was also shared by her. Which oil should be used, which fruits, cereals, pulses, vegetables fulfills our body requirements to keep us fit was presented in pictorial way. Diet plan is based on medical screening. We all are benefited hope you all get benefited by Shilpa’s visit.
-Neeta Sanjay Patil
Manager Quality & EHS Systems
Technova imaging pvt ltd.

I had lost and gained weight many a time by all sort of exercises like aerobics, gym, yoga, etc but never realized the importance of a good diet.Then I came in contact with Mrs. Shilpa Mittal through one of my cousins and she introduced me to “Eating Right”I am a thyroid patient and was really afraid to diet. When I saw my cousin’s diet chart, I realized that diet means eating the right things and not starving yourself.I started following Mrs. Mittal’s diet and exercising regularly. This made me lose 4-5 kg / month. Also my triglycerides which were on the upper boundary became normal and so did my thyroid levels.I stopped following her diet after 1 year or so, but what she taught me is still with me i.e. balancing your diet and eating right. If I start gaining weight, I go back to her diet charts and I start getting fitter. She also helped my husband a lot who is diabetic and also had lesthesis and needs to keep his weight in check.She still continues to be with us through her facebook pages as an awesome guide.
-Vrinda Agrawal , Pune

Being a hypothyroid patient i was gaining weight. Shilpa’s diet was very helpful in reducing TSH and also in reducing weight in healthy manner.
-Anisha Sawant
Account associates
Confisys solutions pvt ltd

I and my daughter had started diet  from Shilpa ,in her diet you can eat everything and it amazing. I could see my daughter losing  she could eat everything and still manage to lose 12 kg and myself 6 she is too good I would tell people to go to her.
-Neelam shah
Antwerp ,Belgium

I have hypothyroidism and weight gain was ever an issue.being practising physio i always required a good toned up body and lots of energy.i consulted Shilpa with a term that i cant afford a very fancy diet because of time constrain.yes .,she is made all that difference in my life. Today i am energetic,going great at 45, diet has never given me stress which is very important for any diet plan it was easily accomodating.thanx a ton.
-Dr Beenal Gala

I followed Shilpa Mittal’s diet plan after marriage and I went from 6 1kg to 55 kg in just 3 months without harsh dieting.
During my pregnancy I had put on 20 kgs so I consulted her again and with her guidance I got back into shape and reduced 12 kgs.
When it comes to diet I completely rely on dr.shilpa
-Khyati kakkad

I believe since shilpa  entered my life at a time I was looking for change not just with my weight but with my life. The support I received from her is invaluable and it’s impact can’t be put into words. I feel empowered now to take charge of my life because I have been given the tools to do so. I not only learned about nutrition and how to take care of myself but I learned how to live again and enjoy life. I realize now that my trepidation around losing weight was only because I thought I needed to sacrifice in order to gain what I wanted.  I’m not sacrificing the things I love, rather they helped me find ways I could still enjoy the foods I love but just in a different way. she gives ver easy diet plan and food which u can find in your kitchen. I now have an overall positive attitude and mood, glowing skin, shiny hair, few kilos lighter. Today I have more confidence to do the things I’ve always wanted to do but thought I couldn’t. Shilpa’s diet plans are not just a diet that you need to follow its a complete lifestyle makeover. A big Thanks to shilpa.
-Sneha Pednekar, 
Insurance incharge
Hyundai india

Shilpa’s diet  has really helped me to loose weight. My weight was stuck since long time in spite of joining the gym..once I started taking her diet the scale moved and lost 1kg in a week. The best part is you can eat whatever you want she gives variety of food and changes the diet every week. Sometime I have to tell her how can I eat so much and loose weight.
-Sonia Nawani
Working for forever aloe vera  and  general insurance.

I had lot of negativity when I approached her as to what all things she will suggest and whther I wl be able to observe the same. But I would like to thank her that she took my routine diet and put her diet plan suitable to achieve my goal of weight loss within my routine diet. It became very easy for me to folow diet and I could see the results from first month itself. I may mention that I could loose 12 to 13 kgs in a matter of 6 months and was advised to follow routine diet.
I would also take pride in saying that Ms. Mittal has quoted my example to many of her client that if you are strict in following diet plan and pursue it seriously you will achieve desired results, only time matters. Since than we have become very good friends and have always recommended her name to those who should seriously require diet plans. I take this opportunity to thank her for the ongoing  guidance suggestions.
-Jigna Shah

I had very high cholestrol and was also diagnosed with diabetes.i was very nervous about my health.i met Shilpa and she put me on a diet plan.within 15 days of following the diet plan, my blood sugar came in control and within a couple of months my cholestrol also came in control.Thanks to Shilpa i feel very healthy, happy and very confident now and eating healthy food is become my lifestyle now.Shilpa is very nice and friendly. She always explained things to me why i should be eating these foods and always made me feel very comfortable. I am currently going to australia to visit my daughter, which at one point in time sounded impossible for me with my health. I  recommend Shilpa to anyone looking to have a healthy lifestyle.
-Bhavana Popat

A 10/10 diet plan is what I have got from Dr Shilpa. We always feel boring to follow a diet plan as we all have a misconception about it that would be uninteresting. But I corrected this thought after I consulted Dr Shilpa. The weight loss diet plan is made by her with what suits you perfectly, keeping in mind about our likes and dislikes of certain foodstuffs and the time of food breaks is also made as per your day’s schedule. As a housekeeper, my schedule used to be so fixed, that there was no time for me to follow a proper diet or any kinds of physical exercise, as I used to exhausted with my day’s job. But Dr Shilpa made it happen with her special care and personal touch in doing her job perfectly. 2 spoons of oil, 2 spoons of sugar, 1 fruit and some salads with a seasoning of 45 mins walk daily is the basic secret recipe to see a miracle of losing 3kgs a month!! I strongly recommend everyone to adopt Dr Shilpa’s diet Plan. I have seen the miracle myself and I am continuing to follow the same diet plan.
Executive Housekeeper
The Gateway Hotel  Ambad Nashik

Shilpa’s Nutrilife is one more step by Shilpa towards inculcating healthy eating habits in people.
I know Shilpa since more than 4 years now and she keep coming with new and innovative ideas to keep you healthy. Every time I meet her or read something put by her it feels great!
She provokes the healthy ‘kida’ in you. She is one among the few nutritionist/dietitian I have meet who gives more n more to eat but still the weight and health part is managed very well!
Thank you Shilpa !Gr8 going!!!
Bhagyashri Nagwekar

I can find a huge difference. That’s what other people say. That trust is very important. You are a person that does not give importance to money but health is important for u. And that’s the thing I like in u. Really . U never refused me to reply u are always ready even it’s late night in India . You are such a great person. I have no words to thanks you. It’s another thing that sometimes I cheat the diet plan. Hehhe but yeah it’s life. Thank you for helping me get so fit.
Meera Gilani
Brussels, Belgium.

Blessed to get connected with Shilpa Mittal, honest and very helpful person.
Sudha Agarwal Tulsyan

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