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– Customized Diet Solutions be it Illness or Wellness
– One-to-One Consultation
– Online via Email / Skype / Phone / Whatsapp / Shilpsnutrilife Android App

How it works

Step I:- Checking the client’s height, weight, BMI, BMR (which gives an idea of metabolic rate, the client’s grade of obesity)

Step II:-  Bio chemical parameters like various blood test as per the individual clients requirement.

Step III:- Taking the client’s diet history, likes, dislikes, lifestyle, eating habits, schedule, medical history. This helps in finding out WHY is the person gaining weight or where the problem lies, so that if the person understands this losing and maintaining weight will be easy.

Based on all the above parameter a balanced diet plan is given. The diet is simple to follow and is not a starvation diet. It includes 6-7 meals/day. The whole idea is to cultivate a healthy eating  habit into your schedule so that you don’t go OFF it.

Your diet plan will be reviewed every week, initially in the first month, latter after every 10-15 days depending on your results.

A little bit of  planning, discipline and strong determination will make the process of  change  very easy.

Here is how to go about diet consultation


Complete the questionnaire in detail and make the payment


Payment can be made through online transfer, cheque or cash

Online payment link PAY

Diet plan

You will receive the diet plan within 48hrs on receipt of fees. Delivering personalised, reliable nutritional advice to optimise your health by ensuring your diet contains all the essential nutrients.